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● Professional Design

Our flexible and diversified design can satisfy various demands of different clients. The scientific software design can provide highly-trusted scheme with maximum heat exchange efficiency and minimum costs to you within the minimum time span.

● Strict Quality Guarantee

Pursuit of high qualities has been what we persist in for all along. Besides, HAGENAU would pay more attention on energy conservation and environmental protection when all plate heat exchangers have the highest qualities and environmental protection standards. HAGENAU plate heat exchangers had undergone relevant experiments as in noise/vibration/heat performance and so on in the high-performance lab so that the highest qualities can be guaranteed and the equipments would be ensured as being high efficient and completely energy-conservative. Our goal is to make possible ‘pursuit of high qualities’.

● More Selective Scope

In order to be applied to different fluid, temperature, pressure and different application environment, HAGENAU heat exchanger shall provide diversified plates with different plate combination methods and plates of different material qualities so as to provide an extensive selective scope for clients.